Our Mission

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The American Cultural Pre-school Institutions are one of the largest and widespread educational organisations in Turkey.  The organisation invests in many areas of education in Turkey and other countries throughout the world.  The directors of the American Cultural Association pre-schools in Turkey are citizens of the republic of Turkey and all have educational backgrounds.  The largest language school network in Turkey with over 100 representatives in Turkey, the American Cultural Language Schools introduce AKD Kids pre-schools specifically for young children.

Akd kids pre-school buildings are designed with maximum security protection for child safety.  Here, children learn English through special methods and take part in lessons and activities that support child development.

Recently, the American Cultural Association has introduced a new venture in Turkey and the world by founding American Cultural Colleges.  The management team who do not have any religious or prejudiced idealogical connections are mostly citizens of the Republic of Turkey.  Our organisation provides environmental education for students to keep pace swiftly with the fast growing development of the world.