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Communication, language and literacy

This area of learning and development looks at how children communicate, how they build language through speaking and listening, and how they learn about words, sounds and writing. We encourage all children to express their ideas and feelings verbally and non verbally and to listen to others. Your child will be offered lots of opportunities to explore language through books, play, music, sharing stories and rhymes. Your child will be encouraged to explore sounds, identify different sounds around them and later learn to link sounds to letters. We will help your child to recognize words that have meaning. They will also be encouraged to make marks using a wide range of mateials.

Personal, social and emotional development

This area of learning and development ensures that children are provided with experiences that support their personal, social and emotional well being, helping them to know themselves and learn and understand what they can do. Our activities should engage and interest your child encouraging them to learn and try new things. As your child builds relationships with the adults and children around them their social skills develop and they will become more confident and independent. This also encourages them to be aware of other people, their needs and how their own behavior affects others around them.

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

This area of learning develops mathematical understanding through children’s early learning experiences such as stories, songs and imaginative play. Your child will also begin to learn about numbers and how to solve problems in practical ways such as: games, talking, matching, counting and rhymes. Your child will learn about shape, size and pattern as well as developing an understanding of mathematical words and ideas.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

This area of learning and development helps your child to make sense of the world around them. It lets them explore and investigate objects and materials, encounter creatures, people and plants and question how and why things work. At our preschool we have a growing area in our garden where the children can plant, water and observe plants, fruits and vegetables, how they grow and the different shapes they make during the growing process. We provide children with the opportunity to design build and construct with a variety of materials and tools. Your child will begin to learn about information technology through computers and programmable toys. Your child will also be able to find out about past and present events in their own lives and explore our local area. This area of learning also enables children to explore their own cultures and beliefs and those of others.

Creative development

This area of learning and development involves your child in exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials and activities using all their senses. This enables them to develop their curiosity. It will also help your child to share their thoughts and feelings through a variety of art, movement, dance, music, mathematics, design and technology, imaginative and role play activities. Our preschool will provide your child with a wide range of materials to help them understand and make sense of what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel.

Physical development

This area of learning and development will support your child in learning how to use and control their own body, developing and improving skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. Your child will be involved in activities and play which allows them to develop both large and fine motor skills by using a range of equipment and tools. Your child will also be involved in learning and thinking about the importance of being healthy, through physical activity and learning about healthy food choices.